Eglise Saint-Jean-de-Montmartre  Notre-Dame-des -Briques
19 rue des Abbesses

Built of reinforced concrete, according Cottancin system from 1894 to 1904, under the responsibility of the French architect Anatole de Baudot (1834-1915).

In 1904, the church was dedicated to St. John the Evangelist..

I stopped here on a Sunday morning in September 2007 at 10am and I enjoyed the chime that orchestrated music "... dans la vie faut pas s'en faire..." and "... le temps des cerises ... "

Murals on the stairs of Abbesses Metro station (September 2007 where we guess Michou).

On Place des Abbesses, a kiosk Hector Guimard (a beautiful canopy) houses the entrance to the Metro station.
Hector Guimard (1867-1942) is the main representative of Art Nouveau in France. In 1900, he supports the construction of canopies  and buildings of Metro stations in Paris.

Square Jehan Rictus (Place des Abbesses)

Tiled fresco dating from 2000 The Wall of I love you © in 300 different  languages ​​and dialects at the initiative of Frederick Baron (songwriter and writer) with the help of Claire Kito (specialist in Chinese calligraphy and painting far-East).

Gabriel Randon, said Jehan Rictus (1867-1933) was a French Poet.

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