The stairways up to La Butte
"Les escaliers de la butte sont durs aux miséreux
Les ailes des moulins protègent les amoureux..."

La complainte de la Butte interpreted by Cora Vaucaire (Lyrics de Jean Renoir, author of the film "French Cancan" - Music by Georges Van Parys - 1954)

rue Utrillo

Born Maurice Valadon December 26, 1883 in Montmartre, rue du Poteau. Son of the painter Suzanne (Marie-Clémentine) Valadon. He then took the name of his father, Suzanne's companion.

He painted many paintings depicting the neighborhood of La Butte

He died November 5, 1955 in Dax and was buried in St. Vincent Cemetery.

rue du Calvaire and a dip to rue Gabrielle

In the past it was a Calvary on the path which led of the Abbey of bottom to that of the top.


Before going down towards the rue Gabrielle, on the right on the Place du Calvaire at No. 4, there is the restaurant "Chez Plumeaur", formerly "Coucou". This square is the smallest of Paris.

Opposite of the restaurant is the former studio of artist and lithographer Maurice Neumont (1868-1930). He was the founder with Jean-Louis Forain, Adolphe Willette and Francisque Poulbot, of the "Republique libre de Montmartre".
In the continuation is the rue Poulbot (formerly impasse Traînée).

rue André Antoine

André Antoine (1858-1943), actor, director, theater director and French filmmaker, one of the initiators of the modern staging.

In 1887, he created the company of the Théâtre Libre de Paris. He founded the Théâtre Antoine in 1897.

Rue Foyatier

Denis Foyatier (1793-1863) was a French sculptor of neo-classical style.

Down, the place Suzanne Valadon.
First put into service July 13, 1900; The new model has been operational on 1 June 1991 after a suspension since 1 October 1990.
36 vertical meters (for a length of 108 m)

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